Choosing a Florist for Your Wedding

Wedding Florists In Dallas can help you figure out your wedding style with Pinterest boards, fabric swatches from your gown or dresses, and pictures of floral arrangements you love. Be sure to bring them all to your interview and sample appointment.

Ask them about their cancellation and rescheduling policies (you don’t want Aunt Sally taking your centerpieces at the end of the night). Also, please find out how many weddings they do each weekend!

  1. They’re experts

As with all things wedding-related, florists know their stuff. From flower types to design styles and how they work together, they make your vision a reality. They’ll consider your color palette, what flowers look best in your photographs, and how they complement your venue. Their knowledge of trends will help them make suggestions that keep you within your budget while staying true to your style.

When searching for a florist, consider whether or not you want someone who’s a floral designer or a regular florist. A floral designer can do everything from helping you figure out your decor plan to designing the overall look of your wedding tablescapes and ceremony aisle. If you have a good handle on your design vision and have your wedding date set, a regular florist is likely more your speed.

Setting your wedding date, venue, guest count, and budget is a good idea before contacting any vendors, including florists. Jumping the gun and reaching out before your date can lead to scheduling conflicts, as vendors won’t confirm their availability until you do.

If you’re comparing florists, don’t hesitate to ask for photos of previous weddings they’ve worked on or to see actual-life samples of their work. These photos or real-life samples are the best way to see if their style is what you’re looking for and can give you an idea of how your flowers will turn out on your big day.

During your initial conversations, be prepared to share any inspirational photos or Pinterest boards you have. This will allow your florist to get a feel for what you envision and provide you with pricing estimates early on.

Once you’ve found a florist you love, keeping them in the loop as your ideas evolve is a good idea. If you change your mind or fall in love with a new flower, for instance, it could dramatically affect the overall cost of your order.

  1. They’re creative

The florist’s creative side comes into play when they work with the colors, shapes, and textures of the flowers that are in season on your wedding date. During your first interview, ask the florist to show you photos of real weddings for which they have designed florals. You want to see if their design aesthetic is something you’re comfortable with and matches your own.

A good florist will listen closely to your vision for the day and then create an outline of floral arrangements that can be made within your budget. They’ll also consider your desired sizing, the number of tables, the size of your venue, and any other details you provide. Once they’ve determined the best way to make your dream come to life, they’ll send you a proposal for review.

Some florists offer packages that cover the basics of a typical wedding, including bouquets, boutonnieres, and centerpieces. If you don’t find a package that fits your vision, ask the florist to create a “high” best-case scenario and a “low” bare minimum proposal for comparison.

Once you’ve reviewed the proposals, schedule a sample appointment. During this meeting, you can finalize any changes to your order and make sure everything is accurate. It’s also the opportunity to bring any specific flower requests (or dislikes) you didn’t discuss in your initial interview.

During this time, you should also ask the florist if they offer other decor options to complement your florals, like backdrops, lanterns, mirrors, and table settings. This can be a great way to save money on the total cost of your wedding. Also, ask the florist if they’ve worked at your venue before and, if so, what some of their favorite things about working there are. If they haven’t, it’s important to know if there are any concerns regarding access to the venue and where the flowers will be placed so you can address them before your day. This will ensure that your florist is familiar with your venue and can adapt quickly to any changes on the day of your event.

  1. They’re flexible

Choosing the right florist for your wedding is one of the most important decisions you will make during planning. Ask newlyweds for recommendations, read reviews online, and chat with your venue coordinator or wedding planner about florists they recommend. Once you have a few florists in mind, set up appointments to connect with them. This is a great time to see their work, meet them in person, and discuss your vision for the big day.

It’s also a good idea to bring inspirational pictures and fabric swatches to help your florist visualize your vision. However, don’t expect your florist to be a mind reader and recreate what you saw on Pinterest exactly. Your florist will use your ideas as guidelines to create a custom design for you.

During your consultation, be honest with your florist about the budget you are comfortable with and the number of floral pieces you want to have on display at the event. Then, have them explain how they plan to meet your goals within that price range. They should provide a detailed quote that includes a breakdown of how many flower stems they expect to use and the types of containers. They should also be willing to negotiate if the amount of flowers or type of container is outside of your comfort zone.

Another thing to consider is how the season affects your plans. If your favorite blooms won’t be in season, a talented florist should have alternatives to achieve the same look. For example, garden roses can be substituted for peonies, and hydrangeas for sweet peas.

Your florist should be familiar with your venue and have visited it before your big day. This will save them time on setup and allow them to anticipate any special requests you may have for a particular room or area. It’s a win for both parties if they can work together on the same page from the start.

Finally, once you choose your florist and sign their proposal (which will turn into a contract), could you read it carefully? Look for any details that you need to clarify or correct before signing and putting a deposit down. Also, make sure to ask your florist what their cancellation policies are and how quickly they expect to be able to book your date.

  1. They’re affordable

A florist’s job is incredibly labor-intensive and requires countless hours of preparation. This time and expertise will show up on your wedding flower bill. So it’s important to be upfront with them about what you want and can afford. A good florist will be able to provide options that fit within your budget. For example, they may suggest reducing the number of bouquets, using smaller containers, or even considering a silk floral option instead of fresh flowers.

Another way to save is by choosing a florist that sources locally. This will cut down on your florist’s costs by reducing the amount of travel and fuel needed to get your flowers from point A to point B. It’s also great for the environment!

Remember that the farther your flowers travel, the higher your price will be. In addition, there are other fees to be aware of, like delivery and installation charges (usually 6-11% of your total florist bill), rental security deposit fees (around $50-$100), and state and county sales tax, if applicable. Add these all up to see what your estimated total cost will be.

You can also reduce your costs by keeping your designs simple. The more varieties of flowers used in an arrangement, the higher your price will be. For instance, hydrangeas are a very versatile flower with many different colors and shapes, but they can be expensive if you use them in large quantities. If you love a hydrangea style but don’t need a table full of them, ask your florist to use other less expensive flowers like freesia or stock roses instead.

Another way to reduce your floral bill is by reusing arrangements from the ceremony at the reception. This is especially true for bridal party bouquets, sweetheart table arrangements, and altar arrangements. Just assign someone to move the items from one location to the other so they aren’t left sitting out too long! Finally, be sure to ask your florist if they have any sample packages or pre-designed options that are more affordable than custom creations.